Keri Hilson cries as she admits she hit rock bottom

Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson appears to have gone under the radar since the release of her No Boys Allowed album in 2010. However, she revealed her plans for a return to music during a chat with celebrity psychic medium Reginald Lewis as part of an appearance on the Steve Harvey Show.

Lewis revealed that she’d been making drastic changes to the people she allowed in her personal life. Hilson, who recently broke up with her boyfriend, agreed saying,

“That’s one of the things that I’m walking away from.”

Despite the end of her relationship and departure from music, Lewis revealed that there will be new romantic and career opportunities presenting themselves for the singer within the new year. Hilson again confirmed Lewis’ accuracy beaming,

“It’s kind of a comeback because I hit rock bottom a few times… I’m crawling back to walking in my purpose and using my gifts… I had to give up music for a while.”

Blown away by the things revealed during their reading, Hilson emotionally said, “This is amazing. You have a real, genuine, authentic gift. I am so grateful


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