Khloe Kardashian arrives to an embarrassing empty street at Good American pop up store

Good American pop up store

Pregnant’ Khloe Kardashian was disappointed when she arrived to make an appearance at her Good American pop up on Friday.
In what was surely rather an embarrassing moment for the reality star, 33, the expected hordes simply never materialized.

According to Dailymail photos of the shop front on New York’s busy Mercer Street showed a starkly different scene from the screaming masses who met Kylie just a few doors away back in February.

Instead of the excited teens grappling with their cameras to catch a selfie, was a quiet street scene.

In a statement from Good American, the company said the barriers had ‘nothing to do’ with the Friday event and were actually placed on the street by the New York City Police Department.

The company also said more than 2300 people had stopped by the pop-up shop.

A source at the scene told ‘There was virtually nobody in line at the store. Khloe even came to help work in the shop behind the counter, but even that didn’t help. The store was empty.’

Early in the day a few fashion journalists and bloggers turned up for the opening of the two-day store, but nothing like the numbers who converged on the area for Kylie.

Kylie popup


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