Kim Kardashian break ties with longtime assistant Stephanie Shepherd

Kim Kardashian,

Kim Kardashian has cut ties with her longtime assistant, Stephanie Shepherd, just after Kim expressed her displeasure with Shepherd’s cozy relationship with sister Kourtney.
Shepherd has been by Kardashian’s side since 2013, when she scored the gig as Kim’s assistant with a connection from former Pussycat Doll Robin Antin
Since joining the Kardashian crew, Shepherd’s role has expanded ,though it seems her attempt to assume more responsibility was ultimately what made Kim cut her loose.

Kim made a decision to let Stephanie go. She was a good assistant but when Stephanie wanted to transition into a larger role with Kim’s brand and businesses, it just didn’t work,” sources told¬†People.¬†“Kim gave her the chance but after a short period of time it became clear that Stephane just didn’t have the knowledge to take on a role like that. Kim made an executive decision to part ways.”

Shepherd revealed in May that she’d been promoted to COO of Kardashian West Brands, and considered herself “Kim’s liaison” rather than her assistant.

And though the formerly inseparable pair “aren’t really speaking” at the moment, according to sources, Shepherd is likely still speaking to Kim’s sister Kourtney.


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