Loyal cat has been on the same spot its owner dumped it a year ago

A loyal cat has allegedly refused to leave the spot it was dumped by it’s owners for a year now.
The cat is believed to have been left there when its owners moved out of their nearby apartment, leaving it behind. It was pictured by Ostap Zadunayskiy who put the picture on Russia’s version of Facebook, VKontakte.

He asked people what the cat’s story was, and he was surprised when locals said the cat hasn’t left that particular spot for a year since it was dumped by it’s owners. He was told that the cat was seen running after the owners as they drove off.

When they got too far, the cat sat in the spot where it’s been returning to every day. Apparently waiting for it’s owners to return
But locals have been feeding the cat ever since.

Mr Zadunayskiy said:

“This is a great example of human meanness and true animal loyalty. Despite going viral however, many people were critical, saying they did not believe the story and that the cat probably just stayed there as it was getting fed every day.”

Source: MetroUK


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