Man jailed for 241 years for keeping his girlfriend and 2 teenage girls under house arrest for 5 years


A Mexican man has been jailed for 241 years for keeping his lover and two teenage girls captive for five years, and committing a horrifying string of crimes against them.
Dubbed ‘Mexico’s Fritzl’, Jorge Iniestra Salas repeatedly raped the girls, beginning when they were just 12 and 14 years old.
36-year-old, fathered five children with one of the girls.As well as
forcing them to perform horrific sex acts on him, he kept his semen in a
jar so he could force them to drink it later.
He was also
charged with the murders of one of the girls and one of his own
children, a three-month-old boy.The former taxi driver beat the girl to
death in 2009, and suffocated the baby by forcing him to nurse on the
dead girl’s body.

Jailed with some members of his family

Salas kept the bodies at his mother’s home in a slum of Mexico City for a month – hidden in plastic bags – before dumping them on a motorway in a neighboring state with the help of his brother.

also arrested Salas’ mother, brothers and sisters, as well as his
partner, for allowing the abuse to continue for so long.
Salas became fixated with the two girls in 2004 after he began a
relationship with Claudia Tapia Herrera, a then 32-year-old cleaner at a
school.He quickly moved into the family home in the Iztapalapa
neighborhood, in eastern Mexico City, with his lover, the girls and
Herrera’s 13-year-old son.
But almost immediately he became abusive, controlling and manipulative, according to Herrera


Salas – who is known in the Spanish press as the ‘Monster of Iztapalapa’
– forced his partner to live in the living room with her son, in order
to leave him alone with the two girls in the bedroom.

He forced the 13-year-old boy to work, and beat him with a belt if he didn’t bring in enough money to maintain the household.

a chilling parallel to Austrian Josef Fritzl, Salas stopped the girls
going to school in 2006, keeping them prisoner inside the house, locked
in a filthy room with planks covering the windows.

Herrera told the court:

‘He made us believe that this was normal, that I was being too dramatic for thinking that this life was wrong.’
She added that Salas told her that because he was ‘of the middle-class’, his status allowed him to have several women living with him.To maintain power within the family, he invented a system of reward
points and when Herrera made up 100 points for being obedient to him, he
allowed her to see the girls.The mother was so terrorized that she gave
her entire savings and her debit card to Salas.
In 2009, five
years after beginning the relationship, he moved the family to a slum in
the same neighborhood, where his mother lived in a house with 16 other
people.His partner ultimately lodged a complaint with police, which led
to the family’s rescue and Salas’ arrest.


The girl who survived was found inside the house with the four surviving children fathered by Salas, who were at the time aged three-months, two, four, and five years old.
victims were suffering from extreme cases of Stockholm Syndrome – where
the victim feels sympathy for their captor – and tried to defend his
actions during the trial.
Three of Salas’ relatives, who helped
him cover up the crimes also received lengthy prison sentences, of
between 18 and 21 years.

Culled from Daily mail Uk


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