Man kills his baby mama after tweeting about it, then confessed of the killing on IG


In February, 23 year old mother of three Lakeisha Lewis shared a photo on IG (below right) with the caption ‘When you wanna break up but he told you he’ll kill you’. She and friends even laughed over it.
Then on Sunday, her baby daddy, 27 year old Darrell P. Mitchell took to twitter to write ‘I be saying to myself when I put the gloves on, it hurts when you gotta kill someone you love’.

Well, Darrell wasn’t playing around when he tweeted that. You see early this morning, he gunned down Lakeisha.

According to Houston police, after killing Lakeisha, Darrell turned the gun on Lakeisha’s new boyfriend and shot him. Some news agencies said he died, some said he was only seriously injured.

After killing his ex, Darrell went on instagram to confess, along with photos of his three children with Lakeisha. He is yet to be caught by the police..

What Lakeisha posted in February..

Then after killing her, he made this confession…

That is Darrell in white…


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