Man publicly beaten by his girlfriend he tried to suprise her with a boob surgery for her birthday.


Wonders shall never end! This Chinese man by the name Wang Chen tried to surprise his girlfriend with a birthday present of a boob job, which the girl didn’t approve and flew off the handle. She took it as an insult from the man and ended up beating him publicly. According to Wang’s statement, his girlfriend told him their relationship had
come to any end.
According to Peoples Daily Online,26
year old Wang Chen booked girlfriend Wen Ting, 24, into a local
cosmetic surgery clinic in the city of Zhengzhou, in central China,
believing she would be delighted and he was so convinced that she would love the
gift, that he even asked friend Li Wu to capture the ‘big reveal’
outside the clinic on camera ..

Of which he was so wrong, Wen Ting flew off the handle and became outrageous at the suggestion that he was
unhappy with her breasts and started punching and kicking him. The “cameraman” friend Li
Wu who is25 years old, said…….

‘Wang had asked me to capture his girlfriend’s reaction when he showed her what he had bought her.
‘I don’t think he was expecting this though.She went ballistic. She
started shouting that she had never been so insulted in her life and
that if he didn’t like her breasts then he could f**k off.

‘He apologised and said he thought they were lovely but that he thought she would like bigger ones.
‘At that point she started hitting and kicking him. She was clearly furious and stormed off.’I decided to stop taking photos as I realised this probably wasn’t a moment he wanted captured.’

In his own words, boyfriend Wang Chen said……

 ‘I really thought she would like the present..Now she says she doesn’t
want to be with me anymore. But I will come up with something to win her

Just passing by zebra crossing.


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