Man slapped with 20 years in ail for raping a teenage girl 3 times

A 20 year old man from Nkayi was yesterday slapped with a 20-year jail term for raping a teenager thrice.
Ambrose Ncube from Gwelutshena village raped the 16-year-old girl from the same village on three different days in November last year.
Passing sentence yesterday, regional magistrate Mark Dzira bemoaned the increase in sexual crimes in the country.
“In coming up with your sentence, the court considered evidence that had been brought forward. It is common cause that the complainant was sexually abused thrice and the State managed to prove its case beyond reasonable doubt that the accused committed the offence,” said magistrate Dzira.
“The three counts will be treated as one for purposes of sentence. You are therefore sentenced to 20 years in prison of which five years is suspended for five years on condition that you do not within that period commit a sexual offence.”
Prosecuting, Robin Mukura told the court that on November 6 last year at a homestead in Jabulisa Area, Ncube raped the girl and threatened to assault her if she revealed the matter to anyone.
“Again on November 12, Ncube called the girl and raped her once after forcibly undressing her. He also begged her to keep the matter secret and released her,” said Mukura.
The court heard that the following day, Ncube dragged the girl into one of the huts in the same homestead, the court heard.
“He forcibly undressed her and before raping her once. Ncube asked the girl to keep the matter a secret and let her go,” Mukura said.

The girl notified the police about the rape leading to Ncube’s arrest. She was taken to hospital for medical attention



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