Man stabs his girlfriend to death and drink her blood

A 37 year old man Simbarashe Munakamwe murdered his lover and drank her blood as punishment for betraying him.
Munakamwe said he had been in love with the 16 year old girl since she was in Grade seven and broke her virginity.
“We were lovers with the deceased, we started dating when she was in Grade 7 and what pains the most is that she aborted three of my pregnancies.
“I know I was committing a crime but the truth is that I wanted to marry her but the mother could not let it happen. I’m the one who broke this girl’s virginity,” he said.
I actually planned the whole thing when I realised that they were not going to give her to me.
“My intention was to kill her first then me last so that we all lose but I was disturbed before I could kill myself.”
Peter Musekiwa, one of the people to arrive at the murder scene said “I could not believe my eyes and as I was getting closer, I first assumed he was kissing her but in later found out that he was actually sucking her blood.”
“I had initially thought my dog was chasing someone in the bush so I went there and to my surprise I saw Simbarashe stabbing my niece with a knife.”
Peter said Simbarashe also attempted to stab him.
“When he saw me he left the girl and started walking towards me holding the same knife he had stabbed her with.
“He said he was going to kill me as well so I ran towards the gate and closed it. Simbarashe then took the same knife and tried to stab himself but he did not,”
The sister to the deceased – Rachael Kurwakumire could not control her pain.
“We had a misunderstanding with Simba a few days ago which forced me to come here but he followed me.
“I started caring for her since she was in grade three and I treated her like my own child, I love her more than I love myself.”
Source: H-Metro


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