Graphic- Mexican journalist killed by drug cartel who went on to post the pictures of her dead body on her tweeter account.

Maria Del Rosaria Fuentes Rubio

A Mexican journalist was killed by Drug cartels who went on to post pictures of her dead body on her tweeter account. Maria was a media personality who help to campaign against violent perpetrated by local drug gangsters in Mexico. She facilitated commutation between the citizens of multiple crimes which were being committed in the country, especially the city of Tamaulipa. Picture and the whereabouts of the people who would be missing would be posted and share through the social media platform which Maria had facilitated.

The Cartels once warned her that she should stop what she was doing telling her that they were tracking her down, using her tweeter account, but being brave, she turned a deaf ear on the threats, and continued with her job, remaining resilient serving her country. Things got worse on the 16th of October when the
Brutal Cartels announce her death to her large
number of followers by these words,”—-family and friends, i am Maria Del Rosario Fuentes Rubio, my life has climaxed.” They went on to warn her followers and other who might want to follow her footpath to stop it as it has got its dangers.
Oh my Dear Lord, it’s so sad. You died a Hero Maria and you will remain a Hero in the hearts of many. RIP
Just passing by zebra crossing.    


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