Mexican Kim Kardashian says she is embarrassed to be compare with the real Kim who have no talent.


 The sports presenter dubbed the Mexican Kim Kardashian says she’s
’embarrassed’ to be compared to the social media queen because she does
more than ‘just post photos online’.
Jimena Sanchez, who has garnered a following of more than a million
Twitter and Instagram admirers for her raunchy posts on social media,
The presenter on the
Spanish-language FOX Sports channel told MailOnline in Mexico City:

 ‘It’s surprising that Kim and her sisters have become so famous given
that none of them have any special talents.”Kim doesn’t seem to do
anything. My ideals are completely different than Kim
Kardashian’s’..They don’t seem to do anything, certainly nothing you
could call talent. I dedicate my life to other things, I don’t think
we’re anything alike’.

I love my job and I’m good at it,’ she said. ‘Physically we may be alike,
but we aren’t similar professionally.”I don’t think I look anything
like her, but we both use social media to publish sexy photos,’ That has
made me the Mexican Kim Kardashian more than anything else.

‘We are both popular because of our looks, and we’re both very active on
social media, so it’s difficult not to draw comparisons, I just didn’t
think it was going to become such a big deal’.

 Jimena said she has doubts about whether Kim is a good role model for young girls.

‘It depends in what aspect you look at her,’ she said. ‘She became
famous because she made a porn video like Paris Hilton, whereas I try to
dedicate my life to other things. ‘It would be amazing to have 30 million followers like Kim does’, ‘But it’s not a pressing objective of mine.’

 Despite photos which seem to be copied directly from Kardashian’s photo feed, Jimena claims she has no style icons.

‘There’s no one I really admire in terms of style,’ she said. ‘I make my own style by using the things I like. Generally in my Instagram photos I appear very messy.’

I’d love to end up in Los Angeles, that’s a city I really love. But for
the moment I’m concentrating on the television. I’m very happy in my
job’.As for being like Kim, she looks happy in her reality television
shows, but I’m not sure I’d want to live like her. 

‘We’re two people who owe everything to our looks, but there’s not many other similarities’.


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