Mother kills her daughter by shoving a crucifix down her throat

A 50 year old woman, Juanita Gomez, killed her 33 year old daughter, Geneva Gomez, by shoving a crucifix down her throat because she thought her daughter was possessed.
According to police, Gomez allegedly shoved the crucifix to rid her of the devil which had possessed her body. Gomez made this confession  to police who had come to her Oklahoma City home Saturday afternoon on a welfare check.

According to police, at 2:14 p.m. Saturday, officers responded to a welfare check at a home in the 1500 block of N. McKinley. When they arrived, they found the victim, 33-year-old Geneva Gomez, dead. She had trauma to her body consistent with homicide.

Investigators determined that Geneva Gomez was attacked by her mother after she confessed.

According to a probable cause affidavit, officers arrived at the home and found Geneva Gomez lying in the home with a large cross/crucifix on her chest. Blood was visible, and she had suffered severe trauma to her face and head.

Geneva Gomez

Juanita Gomez told police her daughter was possessed by the devil and admitted to punching her daughter repeatedly and forcing a crucifix and religious medallion down her throat until blood came out of her daughter’s mouth. She said she watched her daughter die and then placed her body in the shape of a cross. She then tried to clean her daughter and other items in the home.

Juanita Gomez had very swollen hands and several bruises on her arms from assaulting her daughter. She told police those bruises were from her daughter fighting her attempt to “rid Satan from her daughter’s body.”

Juanita Gomez was arrested at the scene and booked into the Oklahoma County Jail on a complaint of first-degree murder. She’s being held without bond.

Source: News 9.


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