Mother locks her two young daughters inside an alarmed bedroom so she can have quality time with her child abuser husband.

mother is in the habit of locking her two young daughters inside an alarmed bedroom so she
can be able to have some quality time with her convicted child abuser husband and the social services in the area have approved the plan. The two young ladies’ worried grandmother revealed to the poor incident to the UK Mirror in an effort to create an awareness for the kids.

Report from UK Mirror

Two young sisters
are being locked inside an alarmed bedroom at night to protect them
from their mother’s paedophile husband – and social workers say it’s
authorities have astonishingly given the go-ahead to the monstrous plan
the mum dreamed up so she can sleep with their vile stepfather.

convicted abuser, once jailed for attacking a girl under 13, has now
been allowed to move in with her and the ­children – also both under 13.

among other ‘safety’ factors believed to have been taken into account
in a shocking official report was that the ­paedophile would have to
climb over the mum from his side of the bed to get to the girls – and
would therefore wake her up.
County council officials who
rubber-stamped the decision were also happy that the imprisoned children
could use a baby monitor to call for their mother if they needed to be
let out to go to the toilet.
They allowed the child abuser to move in only a few months after describing him as a “continuing risk” to the girls.

of the decision emerged after the children’s worried grandmother
contacted the Sunday Mirror over her fears for their safety. She said:
“The alarm and the other so-called precautions to stop my granddaughters
being abused are a load of rubbish.
“Since learning my daughter’s new husband was a paedophile I’ve tried to express my concerns to social ­services.
appalled this man was allowed to move into the family home with my
granddaughters. Other family members also feel their concerns are being
“It feels like my granddaughters are isolated and at risk. Social services don’t seem to want to listen to me.
“It’s heartbreaking, but I have to keep fighting this for the sake of the girls.

A source close to the ­troubling case said: “We can’t believe that this mother has been so stupid as to take up with this man.
how on earth is an alarm going to stop him if he decides he wants to
abuse those children? Everyone involved in this atrocious situation
should hang their heads in shame.”
The identity of the
paedophile, his wife and the children, who live in Devon, are all known
to the Sunday Mirror but cannot be revealed for legal reasons.
The children’s mother got together with the child abuser, a man in his 40s, less than five years ago.
She had split from the girls’ father who moved out and at first saw his
children at weekends. But he then relocated with a new partner and does
not now have regular access.

The mother told social workers she
was fully aware of the paedophile’s past and that he had been a
previous boyfriend in the Eighties. As a convicted child abuser he is
subject to a Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO) which bans him from
having unsupervised contact with under-16s. He also has to sign the Sex Offenders Register.
a year after they began dating, the mother applied to be an ‘approved
person’ to provide supervision of contact between the paedophile and her
children, a ­requirement of his SOPO.
That move was
rubber-stamped by a body called the Devon Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub.
It is made up of police, probation officers, social workers and other

The couple married the following year – with the
mother sharing details of her and the paedophile’s growing relationship
on her Facebook page. It tells how the couple enjoyed spending time with
the girls, jaunts to the seaside and pub meals.
After their wedding the mum wrote online that they “had a fantastic day with the family”.
But later she had to call police to her home after a neighbour loudly called her partner “an animal”.
the end of that year, a Devon County Council council children’s
services review of the case found there remained a “continuing risk”
that the paedophile would sexually abuse the vulnerable girls.
few months later the council recommended the children should be placed
with other relatives or put in care if the mother wanted her
relationship to carry on .

Its report noted she had “instigated the relationship” with the paedophile. Yet still the children stayed with their mother.
last year she made a further request for her husband – understood to
have been spending an increasing amount of time with the daughters – to
“stay overnight occasionally” at her home.
Her request was turned
down by the council as her new partner was still deemed a risk. But
within months came the astonishing U-turn.

It is understood the
mother bought and installed the lock and alarm in her two-bedroom home
after seeking advice from a charity that helps people affected by
underage sexual abuse – including the paedophiles themselves.
team including a social worker and solicitors visited her property last
autumn and were satisfied with the measures she had taken. Her solicitor
and a lawyer for the girls’ father were also present.

A family source told us: “It was decided that because there was a
baby monitor in their bedroom the children could wake their mother up
who could open the door for them. And they thought the alarm on the door
was adequate because it couldn’t be shut off after it had been set
The source also claimed the mother told the social worker
the paedophile could sleep on a side of the bed which meant he would
wake his partner if he got up in the night because he would have to
climb over her.
Late last year, the man was given the right to stay overnight at the family’s house following a lengthy appeal to the council.
Yesterday the Council confirmed a “professionals meeting” had taken
place last autumn “to discuss any areas the local authority may have
missed that would help to determine (the paedophile’s) return to the
family home. The professionals were of the view there are enough
protective factors in place for the children.”

A spokesman
later added: “Numerous reviews by a variety of agencies have concluded
that his partner, who wants him to be able to stay overnight, can
adequately supervise him.
“A safety plan has to be in place and
his partner has to supervise contact at all times. The police have been
informed and the local authority is monitoring the situation very
closely with regular visits to the family home.”
The mum and the
paedophile have since been living together, according to sources. When
approached by the Sunday Mirror yesterday, the paedophile denied he was a
sex offender, adding: “What business have you got even if I was a


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