Mother slits he baby’s throat and run into a cemetery chapel


    Police say they have arrested a woman
    suspected of killing her 3-month-old baby by slashing his throat in a
    cemetery chapel in a small central Spanish town.
    A Civil Guard spokesman said the woman, a
    37-year-old Spaniard, was arrested early Wednesday in the cemetery of
    Villa de Don Fadrique, located just southeast of Madrid.
    According to
    reports, the woman had recently spent time in a psychiatric hospital and
    picked up her son that day from a relative’s house.

    She is then alleged to have taken the baby to the cemetery where she used a kitchen knife to fatally cut the infant’s neck.
    After the act, the woman is said to have burst into a nearby chapel yelling ‘I have the devil inside’.
    El Mundo, Spain’s largest newspaper,
    reports that a neighbor called authorities when she saw the woman
    walking around near the cemetery looking ‘very nervous’.
    Police showed up at the scene where they
    found the dead baby and the mother walking around in shock. The woman
    was treated by doctors and taken to a nearby hospital for further
    The woman was married to a man from Colombia who found out about about the grisly murder later in the day.
    The couple have one other 3-year-old child, who remains safe and with a relative.
    The mayor of the town, Jaime Santos,
    said he knew the ‘pretty’ woman and said that she may have been
    suffering from postpartum depression.
    An officer said a judge had a placed a secrecy order on the investigation and he could not give any further details.
    The officer spoke on condition of anonymity in keeping with police regulations.

    Mail Online


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