Mujuru must go—First lady.


The First lady Amai Grace, yesterday said that VP Mujuru must go without being pushed out of office whilst addressing a thank you rally at the Grace Mugabe children’s in Mazoe.She went on to say that she is the one who put VP Mujuru on that post, hence she is the one telling her to leave. The First lady said that VP Mujuru is too corruption, abuses her office and undermine the authority of the President.
She said VP Mujuru is not a presidential material, the country needs someone who can make Zimbabwe better than taking it back into the
hands of the Oppressors, which she said VP Mujuru will do if she gets into the office of the President. VP was also accused of back biting the President whilst plotting to remove Him from the post illegally. She said VP is be supported by Cde Ray Kaukonde who she accused of promiscuity. Amai referred to VP’s group as Gamatox and went further to appriciate Cde Mnangagwa as a respectable man who besides winning 8 province out of ten in 2003 in a bid to become the VP, he listened to the Authority and let Cde Mujuru take over the Vice president post. Amai said the reason that all the opposition parties are sympathizing with her when she uncovered the secret that both Mavambo and M.D.C were formed in VP’s is a clear indication that it is the truth. She said she must go before her body is dumped in the streets and get her body feasted on by dogs and ravens.
Just passing by zebra crossing.


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