Nas and Kelis finally settle custody dispute over 8 year old son


Nas and Kelis have finally hashed out a custody agreement regarding their 8-year-old son and how much time each parent will receive.

According to documents filed in their ongoing custody battle, Nas and Kelis agreed to specific dates the rapper will get to spend with Knight.

According to TMZ,Nas gets four weekends in January, February and March that begin immediately after school on Friday.  He gets the whole weekend with his son.

He also agreed to give the child all his prescribed medications, and even provide a well-balanced diet — something Kelis was very specific about.

Both parents agreed to “Use his/her best efforts to not popularize the child in social media or other outlets.”

The fight between the parents started after Nas filed docs in their divorce accusing his ex-wife Kelis of refusing to allow him time with their 8-year-old son and only allowing him to exercise his custody when “she deems it convenient for her”

Kelis and Nas got married in 2005 and she filed for divorce in 2009. The divorce was finalized in 2010.


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