NBA player is fined $35,000 for using his fingers to make a gun and pointing it at a rival player


NBA player, Brandon Jennings, was ejected from a game and fined $35,000 for making his finger into a gun and pointing it at their rival team’s player during a furious on-court confrontation.

The game played at the Talking Stick Resort Arena in Arizona had been between Washington Wizards and Phoenix Suns.

The dispute started with a rare back-court foul during the second quarter of the game, when Washington Wizards’ centre Jason Smith was called on a hard screen against Phoenix Suns’ guard Tyler Ulis. As Smith and Ulis got into a heated war of words, Ulis’ teammate Jared Dudley came over and bumped Smith with his chest and forehead, thereby escalating the argument. Both teams crowded the court and began exchanging words and that was when Jennings made the finger gun gesture at Suns forward Dudley that landed him in trouble.


Jennings pointed his fingers, shaped into a gun at Dudley’s head while shouting aggressively. Officials separated the charged argument and kicked them both out of the game. League officials announced that both Jennings and Dudley would be fined $35,000 for their behaviour on the court on Tuesday. Meanwhile, in spite of video evidence, Jennings has said that he did not make a finger gun gesture at his opponent.
In an interview with the Washington Post, he said:

“They said I pointed my finger like a gun at Dudley. I was telling Dudley to relax, like, calm down, because you’re not that type of guy. I was just protecting my teammate,” Jenning said.


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