Nikki Bella and John Cena “faked their breakup as a publicity stunt” to drive up ratings for Total Bellas

John Cena

Nikki Bella and John Cena shocked their fans when they called off their engagement in April, 2 weeks to their May 5 wedding date.

Star magazine claims in its new issue that the split is all a publicity stunt to drive up ratings for Nikki’s reality TV show Total Bellas. Their split was announced just days before the season premiere of her hit TV series and the news outlet is positive it is merely a publicity stunt.

Following their split, the show has seen a spike in ratings due to the drama. The show is now all about the disintegration of their relationship. The show shows viewers that the breaking point for the couple was that Nikki wanted kids and John Cena didn’t. He has told her all along he does not want kids and he refuses to back down. She cried over wanting a baby.

“A lot of people suspect the split was a publicity stunt,” said a source. “It was for the third season of her TV show Total Bellas.”

The source added that faking the split is not a big deal for them as they’re already WWE performers who are used to faking fights for ratings.

It was added: “It seems too big of a coincidence that John and Nikki broke up right before the season premiere.”

The source also insists that the wedding will definitely hold eventually.


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