Oregon shooter kinda give a hint of his plans on a website


The shooter who was according to Roseburg Police Sgt. Aaron
Dunbar, appear to have revealed his plans on Wednesday night in posts on
the website 4chan. The hints below…..

“Some of you guys are alright. Don’t go to school tomorrow if you are in
the northwest,” one post reads.
“happening thread will be posted tomorrow morning…so long space
Another message is addressed to “fellow robots” and wishes readers “an
enjoyable Elliot Rodger day,” referencing the man who killed six people
near the Santa Barbara University campus last year.
“Personally I will mark this day’s celebration of our Hero’s deeds
by announcing that I have an elaborate plan…Needless to say; it shall
be glorious. The horrible kind of normies will pay for their misdeeds,
and the world will be bettered.” another read.


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