Over weight Ethiopian swimmer dubbed Robel the Whale after finishing last at the Rio

Ethiopia’s Olympic swimmer came last in the 100m heats and cruel comments are being made in reference to his weight. Robel Kiros Habte competed in the Preliminary Men’s 100m Freestyle heats at the Olympic Aquatics Stadium in Rio two days ago, but because of his poor performance and ‘dad bod’, he was given the nickname ‘Robel the Whale’.

Of the 59 competitors across the eight heats, the 24-year-old swimmer was ranked 59th with a time of 1 minute 4.95 seconds.

Ethiopian sports Journalists are also criticizing how he came to qualify for Rio in the first place. According to one journalist, Konjit Teshome, ‘Robel the Whale’ is the son of the president of the Eithiopia’s swimming federation. Another Journalist tweeted: ‘Cronyism, favouritism, nepotism. Everything highlighted by #RobelHabte Kiros’ appearance at #Rio2016.’


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