Parents of 10 year old boy sodomised by a security guard storms Minister of State’s office

Parents of the 10 boys who were allegedly sodomised by a Chinhoyi security guard stormed the office of Mashonaland West Minister of State Faber Chidarikire on Thursday to register their discontent with his release.

Chenjerai Mairosi (38) was released on Wednesday after Chinhoyi magistrate Brenda Dhliwayo ruled that he was brought to court after the prescribed maximum detention 48-hour period had lapsed.

Mairosi went home without any conditions and the State will proceed by way of summons. This infuriated the parents who felt it was a miscarriage of justice.

“How can someone who has committed such a crime be allowed to go scot-free just like that when we were not even called to attend the hearing?”, queried one parent.

The parents said there were more cases that were likely to come out and having Mairosi out of custody would jeopardise investigations. The parents blasted the police for exceeding the prescribed detention period, saying it gave leeway for Mairosi’s release.

They were addressed by the director in the Minister of State’s office, Jim Kadziya, as Chidarikire was out of office.

Kadziya explained to them that Mairosi’s release did not mean that he had been let loose.

“The matter has not been finalised but it will continue after observance of the law, which says a person cannot be detained for more than 48 hours without being brought to court,” said Mr Kadziya.

Some parents were threatening to attack Mairosi, saying they feared for their children’s safety. Mairosi is now expected to appear in court next week on Monday.

He allegedly lured the 10 boys aged between nine and 12 years with a bicycle, cellphone and money.

Mairosi, who was commonly referred to as “Sekuru” by the children in the Brundish suburb would first isolate his target by sending others out for various errants. He would chain and sometimes handcuff his victims before gagging them with a blue tie and play pornographic videos.

Mairosi would sexually abuse the boys before giving them money that ranged from 10 cents and $1.

The abuse came to light after a nine-year-old boy started complaining to his mother about pain in the back, leading to her carrying out investigations.

This led to the discovery that the boy was also having difficulties passing stool and a report was made to Chemagamba Police Station opening the floodgates for other reports.

Source – Herlad


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