Philippines students stages a naked walk to protest against government corruption


Several students in Philippines have staged a naked walk to protest against government corruption. Around 90 students took part in the annual event running through the campus naked. Organised by the Alpho Phi Omega fraternity, the event sees current students as well as Alumni take part. Some wore masks to protect what remained of their dignity while some couldn’t care less.

Ed Lucero, an alumni organiser of the alpha Phi Omega Fraternity at the University of the Philippines Manila explained their aim.

He said: “Our theme is ‘Unveiling the road’ because the government needs to be naked, to be transparent with their work,” he said. “It means we should strive very hard to strip them bare, not a fake road where only a few can benefit.”

The alumni said the tradition started in the late 1970s, when members of the fraternity ran naked on the campus grounds to protest against former President Ferdinand Marcos’ censorship of a film criticizing his administration.


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