Pictures of Texas gunman’s sprawling, lavish mansion

Texas gunman

This is the sprawling mansion, complete with a swimming pool, where Texas gunman Devin Kelley lived with his family before his gun rampage claimed 26 innocent lives.
Police have today been searching the lavish home in New Braunfels, Texas, 35 miles from the scene of the atrocity.

The huge property comes with its own grounds and huge outdoor swimming pool,Reuters reports.
Courtney Kleiber, said on Facebook she was close with Kelley in middle and high schools and that he had slowly changed from a “normal” kid into one with emotional or mental problems.

“Over the years we all saw him change into something that he wasn’t,” she wrote. “To be completely honest, I’m really not surprised this happened, and I don’t think anyone who knew him is very surprised either.”

It is not known how many other people live at the address


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