Police officer kidnapped by a kombi driver


A Bulawayo traffic police operation code-named “No to Honda Fit” backfired on two officers as they were kidnapped by two daring kombi crew members.

Assistant Inspector Vongai Munyikwa and Constable Bonface Mashora were kidnapped close to Western Commonage court and only broke loose kilometers away at Ngozi mine dumpsite.

That was in August.

The court on Friday heard that Brilliant Nsingo and Nicholas Moyo kidnapped the pair who where on civilian clothing.

Along the way the cops suddenly identified themselves ordering the kombi to stop.They complied.

However, Moyo had other ideas, prosecutor Tony Kamudyariwa said.

“Moyo then took over the steering wheel and drove at high speed towards Old Khami Road intersection. He was ordered to drive to Traffic West but did not take heed.

“He turned into Masiyephambili Drive and drove due north towards Ngozi mine, threatening the officers with death and indicating to them that he wanted to prove that he was not human but a dog.”

For their troubles, Moyo and Nsingo were fined $200 and $250 respectively.

Source – Courts


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