Police officers accused of racially profiling Florida First the only black elected State Attorney


A footage from a bodycamera posted online by the Orlando Police Department has resulted in two white Cops being accused of racially profiling Florida’s first and only black elected state attorney, Aramis Ayala, before discovering who she was and struggling to explain why they pulled her over. The video shows the two officers approaching the car of Aramis Ayala after they pulled her over on June 19

One officer was seen standing at the passenger side window, as the other cop, whose bodycamera was recording, approached her drivers window. Ayala is then seen grabbing her license from her wallet and handing it to over. After she informed the cop that she was the state attorney, he began to try to to explain why-her car was pulled over over.

‘Thank you, your tag didn’t come back, never seen that before, but we’re good now. We ran the tag, I’ve never seen it before with a Florida tag, it didn’t come back to anything, so that’s the reason for the stop.’

Ayala then asked, ‘what was the tag run for?’ He replied; ‘Oh we run tags through all the time, whether it’s a traffic light and that sort stuff, that’s how we figure out if cars are stolen and that sort of thing. Also, the windows are really dark, I don’t have a tint measure but that’s another reason for the stop.’

The state attorney then requested for the officers’ names, saying: ‘Do you guys have cards on you?’ The officer by her window, now sounding nervous, replied;

“One second? actually, this isn’t my car but I can write my name down.’ He removed a notepad from his pocket, wrote their names down and handed it over. ‘There you are, have a good day,’ he said as the attorney drove away.

Ayala has now confirmed that she was pulled over after leaving Florida University College of Law. While she agreed with police that the stop was lawful, she left no question that she intends to follow it up.

“To be clear, I violated no laws. The license plate, while confidential was and remains properly registered. The tint was in no way a violation of Florida law. Although the traffic stop appears to be consistent with Florida law (my) goal is to have a constructive and mutually respectful relationship between law enforcement and the community. I look forward to sitting down to have an open dialogue with the Chief of Orlando Police Department regarding how this incident impacts that goal.”


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