Pornstar hospitalized due to exhaustion from too much work

Queen of Sex,Elena Berkova

A Russian pornstar dubbed ‘Queen of Sex’ has updated her fans after she was rushed to the hospital after suffering exhaustion from too much work.

According to Daily Star, the 34-year-old named Elena Berkova was taken for treatment after being found lying on the floor by friends at her flat in Russia.

Sources claim she had been left exhausted due to her heavy workload and constant diets.

Updating her fans on Instagram, Elena wrote: “I am with you again. The drip has not yet been removed, but do not be restless because of me.

“I am a strong girl. I will be okay. Doctors allowed me to go home today.”

She added: “I love everyone, thank you for your concern.

“I will answer all as I come home, and tomorrow I will be together with you to enjoy life.”

Elena added “everything is okay with me” and said she hoped to be back to work soon.

Watch the video below


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