Qatar and Russia to host FIFA World cup 2018-2022.


Germany- FIFA has confirmed Russia and Qatar as the hosts of 2018/2022 world cup football tournaments. Besides the bribes allegations during the voting process, the FIFA judge Joachim Eckert put the four year voting scandal to an end and certified these two nations as hosts. In his words according to FIFA statement Eckert said, “The evaluation of the 2018/2022 FIFA world cups bidding process is closed for the FIFA Ethic Committee.” Which means
the decision is final and certified. Russia will host the 2018 tournament whilst Qatar will host the 2022 games.
Qatar which toppled the United Nations by 14-8 votes is facing many doubts concerning its suitability of hosting the tournament due to its intense heat and insecurity. Qatar and Russia are being accused by the other nations which were looking forward to host the games for vote buying from the African nation. To make the matters more suspicious,the computers which were used during the voting process which were leased by Russia are said to have been destroyed, maybe to cover up the vote buying or rigging evidence.
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