Repairman stuck in an ATM machine, slips help me notes on receipt slot


A repairman changing out the lock of an ATM was stuck inside the room that houses it and was forced to slip notes asking for help through the cash dispenser receipt slot. According to Corpus Christi Police, the man was changing the lock of a room that connects to the ATM of a Bank of America on Wednesday afternoon when he was trapped. Normally, In those type of situations, help is just a text or phone call away however the repairman left his phone in his truck.

With no phone, and no one around to free him, the repairman decided to write notes asking for help and slip it through the receipt slot, hoping a bank customer would see them. Please help. “I’m stuck in here, and I don’t have my phone. Please call my boss” , the repairman wrote along with his boss phone number. Police said some customers thought the notes were a joke, but one decided to give them a call. Police had to kick down a door to get the repairman out.


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