Rihanna cancel Victoria’s Secret performance because Jourdon Dunn was replaced by Kendall Jenner?


This week, Rihanna dropped out of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show just days before she was due to perform and there are reports that she did in support of model Jourdan Dunn. In a now-deleted tweet Jourdan wrote, “Feeling so much better about not doing BS…sorry I mean VS now that Rihanna isn’t doing it also.”


The rumor mills are churning following Dunn’s bold tweet. Outlets are “reporting” that Dunn and Rihanna’s choice to not participate in the show are related, saying Rihanna chose to bow out after learning that Dunn was replaced by Kendall Jenner, who didn’t audition. Rihanna’s camp however, cites a need to complete her album as the reason for dropping out of the performance.

Below is the popular theory circulating online.


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