Rihanna’s obsessed fan says he won’t leave her alone despite arrest

Rihanna's obsessed fan

A man arrested for trespassing outside Rihanna’s home this week says the run-in with police won’t stop him from trying to track down the singer again.
Salmir Feratovic who was booked in Manhattan early Tuesday morning for criminal trespassing told TMZ he intends to continue pursuing the singer, despite the arrest.

The 33-year-old man plead guilty after showing up to her building and was released from custody on Wednesday, despite prosecutors reportedly hoping to keep him behind bars for five days.
Feratovic was previously arrested for showing up to Rihanna’s building in 2016, with police reportedly saying he was in possession of a knife.
He claimed the knife was for his own protection, and that he did not intend to hurt Rihanna, according to TMZ.

Before that arrest, he had showed up Rihanna’s building another time but was turned away by the doorman.


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