Riots in the US against the jury’s decision not to charge the white cop who killed an unarmed black teen.


    Ferguson- Protesters on Monday night flooded the streets From LA to New York following the grand jury’s decision not charge the white cop, Darren Wilson for killing a unarmed 18 year-old black teen, Micheal Brown sometime this year in Ferguson. The jury ruled that the cop acted lawful, hence there is no need to judge him with murder, though the black community wanted him to
    charged with murder. They suggested that Cop Darren Wilson could have handcuffed the teen instead of shooting him. The were chanting murder and hands up-don’t shoot.
    The jury was composed of 9 whites and only 3 blacks which could have heavily affected the out come. The jury’s ruling didn’t go well with the blacks who felt that they were short changed, they immediately got into the streets Setting buildings and cars ablaze, looting shops and blocking highways. Places like St Louis, Oakland and California were the most affected by the protests. The protesters were mainly targeting the police cars which they would torch up or destroy. President Barak Obama on Monday visited the Brown family to console them and urge them to accept the outcome.The protest are said to be more serious than the one that took place in August. The police hand to use tear gas and smoke to try and disperse the protesters.


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