Russian mother obsessed with doing Yoga while naked


A 34 year old Russian Yoga instructor who has over 140,000 followers on Instagram says she can do anything with her body despite being married with three kids, saying ‘my husband doesn’t own me’. Marina Vovchenko, mother of three regularly strips off to perform gravity-defying yoga poses for her Instagram followers because she ‘loves’ her body -despite haters telling her to cover up. Most of the images show Marina naked or half-naked.

‘I love my body and think this is the best accessory a woman can have. One can’t see it all in jeans and dresses, whose shape can simply be flattering.’

Talking about her husband’s reaction to her nude photos she said:

‘My husband is not my owner, and I am free to do whatever I feel is right for me. ‘There is a category of women that can’t do anything without their husband’s permission. Well, this is not my experience.’

On her kids, she said that her children love her the way she is, and it does not matter whether she has her clothes on or off.


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