S.A student thanks God after missing the Russian flight that killed over 70 people

S.A Student

An IG user and S.A student in Russia@Sedii_K, has recounted how she missed the flight that killed over 70 people on Sunday.

She had earlier wrote after missing the flight on how sad she was;

”Missed my flight, and it’s the first time , my chest, my wallet, January part 2 clearly for this month. Lol and I’m supposed to start school tomorrow, tota will I have transport money.

Ke gre Ima miss my connecting flight too”

However after the plane crash occurred, she wrote;

I was so upset in the morning, but I didn’t know I was being protected. No matter what happens, trust that God allows certain things to happen for certain reasons. Got so many calls today, people worried only to find out plane crashed, 71 dead and no survivors.


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