Saudi Arabian prince executed over murder


A Saudi prince, Prince Turkic bin Saud al-Kabir was executed in Riyadh on Tuesday after a court found him guilty of shooting dead another man, Adel al-Mohaimeed  after a brawl in a very rare example of a ruling family member being subjected to the death penalty.
The Ministry of Interior said in a statement on state news agency SPA that Prince Turkic bin Saud al-Kabir, had pleaded guilty to the shooting, but did not say how the prince was killed.

The Ministry said in a statement:

“The government.. is keen to keep order, stabilise security and bring about justice through implementing the rules prescribed by Allah…”.

Most people executed in the kingdom are beheaded with a sword.

It is very rare for members of Saudi Arabia’s ruling family to be executed for whaterv reason so this shocked a lot of people.
One of the most prominent cases of a ruling royal family member being executed was King Faisal. In 1975, King Faisal was assassinated by his nephew Faisal bin Musaid al Saud.

The Saudi ruling family is estimated to be about several thousands.

Members receive monthly stipends, while the most senior princes command great wealth and political power but only a few in the family hold important government posts.


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