Saudi women enjoy football match for first time

Saudi women

Heartwarming ‘photos shows Saudi women enjoying a football match after being allowed into stadiums for the first time.

Saudi Arabia has started easing restrictions on women and one of the perks granted to them was access to football stadiums in January.

Last week, female fans poured into a stadium in the city of Riyadh and sat in family seating sections, marking a historic moment for the country.

‘It means that I am human,’ secondary school teacher Nora told Sky News at the Riyadh derby game.

‘No other one prevents me from doing what I want. No other one decides what I want. I am the one who decides,’ Nora said surrounded by women waving flags and cheering at the section of the stadium reserved for families.

The kingdom has also announced that starting in June women will be allowed to drive, lifting the world’s only ban on female drivers.

‘At 18 women usually automatically get behind the wheel and drive and do their errands,’ Al Ajroush said.

‘I had to wait until I was 63 and that saddens me. It took a lot from my life.’


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