Scandals in schools, pupils with grades D and E admitted for A level while those with As and Bs rejected

Some parents of students who passed their O’ Levels have accused some boarding schools of clandestinely and corruptly enrolling students who would have obtained Ds and Es for A’ Level at the expense of those who passed.
A concerned parent Nhamo Kufa said now that Ministry of Education earlier on said D and E at O’ Level is a pass some schools were taking such students through suspected bribes
” I have now seen headmasters at boarding schools enrolling pupils with 1 C and 7 Ds at the expense of one with 3 As and 5 Bs because of corruption from the parents,” he said. A Classic example is at Mushana Mission in Masvingo where the Headmaster¬† chased learners with 3As or 4As but had learners with one B and 7 Ds. Reason claimed is that he is sportsman playing for Dynamos so should go top form 5 and play for school team.”

He said Mushana Mission also does not enroll learners from Mushana Mission nomatter the number of As one has.
“This is so unbearable that parents have to hope from school to school with kids with 4As and 4Bs but no Form 5 place at boarding schools in Masvingo,” he said. “Zimbabwe is now corrupt to the bone.”

Efforts to get comment from the mentioned schools were fruitless.

Source: Byo24News


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