Shell oil employees fired after video of them having sex was exposed by man’s angry wife


Two oil workers have been sacked after a video of them having sex in a hotel room was shared online. Lee
Hanlon, 32, and Amy Maxwell, 33, who are both married and met while
working for Shell, recorded their illicit encounter on his mobile phone.
film was discovered by Mr Hanlon’s wife Charon, who sent it to all his
contacts including friends, workmates and bosses in an act of revenge.
But the footage then ‘spread like wildfire’ as more people passed it on
in messages and emails.

is understood police are investigating the distribution of the video as
well as allegations that Mrs Hanlon, 37, vandalised her husband’s car
after discovering his affair. A police spokesman said: ‘Inquiries are at
an early stage.’
Hanlon, a former project engineer for Shell, is believed to have met
Mrs Maxwell six months ago at the oil firm’s decommissioning plant in
Aberdeen. They agreed to meet at a Premier Inn hotel earlier this month
and filmed their night together.
Hanlon is understood to have found three clips a few days later when
she used her husband’s phone to take a photo at a friend’s wedding.

she set up a group on messaging app WhatsApp and, posing as her
husband, shared the footage with all of the contacts listed on his
phone. She wrote: ‘Been caught cheating on wife and 8 month old baby
with s*** from Shell. Anyone else up for it?’

three clips then went viral online. Mrs Hanlon also allegedly scratched
‘cheating b******’ into the paintwork of her husband’s Audi.

it is understood the couple, who have a young son, are still together.
There was no answer at their three-bedroom £300,000 home in Westhill,
near Aberdeen, yesterday.

Mrs Maxwell refused to comment last
night. But she told The Sun on Sunday that Mrs Hanlon’s decision to
share the video had ruined her life. ‘I don’t know how to describe all
this,’ she said.

has seen the videos. It has ruined lives. It wasn’t an affair, it was a
one-off. It was only on his phone for two days before his wife found

Maxwell said she was still with her husband but that they were planning
to move away from the area. Their £465,000 home in Banchory,
Aberdeenshire – where they moved last April – is now for sale. Mrs
Maxwell added: ‘So many people have been in touch to tell me about the

‘Everyone has seen the clips – apart from my husband. But he knows about them, obviously.

still together. We were always planning to move away but this has
speeded things up a bit. I’m not looking for a job just now. I decided
to take some time off. I’ve had sympathy from everyone. I’ve no idea
what their relationship [Mr and Mrs Hanlon’s] was like but she was
obviously searching through his phone. You don’t do that without a

An oil
worker told The Sun on Sunday: ‘The couple’s videos are the talk of the
town – they spread like wildfire. I don’t know anyone who has not seen
them. ‘

Mr and Mrs Hanlon married at a boutique hotel in South Queensferry, near Edinburgh, in November 2013.

A video of the couple’s wedding day posted online shows them posing for photographs and laughing with friends and family.

spokesman for Shell said Mr Hanlon and Mrs Maxwell were not directly
employed by the company, but were contractors hired through an agency.

She said they had since been ‘redeployed’ by the agency.

Culled from UK Daily Mail


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