Tamara Ecclestone’s hits back on those criticising her breastfeeding photo


The 31-year-old heiress who is daughter to Formula 1 billionaire, Bernie Ecclestone was slammed by trolls who say she’s oversharing for posting an image of herself breastfeeding her child. They told her the images were ‘gross’ and that there was ‘no need’ for her to post pictures of her ‘t*** hanging out. In response Tamara said:

‘I would tell them to go eat their dinner in the toilet. I think all mothers should support each other and stick together instead of picking flaws.
It’s tricky as parenting is one of those things everyone seems to have an opinion on and a lot of the time it’s unwanted and can be so cruel. ‘I am doing my best as a mum by following my heart and intuition. I feel mums should really listen to their intuition; no one knows their baby better.’


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