Taylor Swift/Kim/Kanye West feud still going on-a mural in Australia depicts Taylor dead

The Taylor Swift/Kim K/ Kanye West feud has taken a new grim twist after photos of a mural in Melbourne, Australia shows Taylor Swift has died. The shocking artwork features a portrait of the 26 year old singer and has been branded “disgusting” by social media users. The photo reads: “In loving memory of… Taylor Swift 1989-2016.”

Underneath the portrait, in bold capital letters it also reads: “NO TAGS PLEASE RESPECT THE DEAD.”
This comes in the aftermath of Kim Kardashian releasing a video where Taylor can be heard referring to Kanye West’s song Famous as a “compliment” – despite previously denying ever having any knowledge of the track which brands her a “bitch” in the lyrics.
A twitter user said “This is disgusting..don’t make joke about death. no matter how much you hate anyone..this is so immature and stupid.” Very!
More Photos.


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