‘The West plots regime change in Sadc,’ Chombo

Liberation movements in Southern Africa are aware of machinations by former colonisers to destabilise the region through several means, Zanu-PF secretary for administration Ignatius Chombo has said.

Among other tricks, Chombo said, the erstwhile enemies were using religion and funding opposition of political parties to effect regime change and to break the bond that binds liberation movements.

Chombo said this last week at the 7th ordinary congress of MPLA in Angola.

He said Zimbabwe had for the past decade weathered a storm financed by Western countries led by Britain.

“The threat of regime change orchestrated and championed by our former colonisers continues to be a living reality for us as liberation movements,” he said. “Zimbabwe over the past decades has been the testing ground for the all stratagems the enemy wishes in effecting regime change.

“Latest ploys by the enemy range from manipulating religion, economic sabotage through sanctions and abuse of social media. It is regrettable that the enemy has been studying gullible members of our party and is exploiting them to forward their regime change agenda. The enemy is also using opposition political parties that are being deployed to aid the regime change agendas.”

Chombo said such machinations and plots would fail.

“Let me take this opportunity to assure MPLA that in spite of these relentless efforts, we are vigilant and remain focused on serving our people,” he said.

“Zanu-PF remains a strong party under the leadership of the President and First Secretary, R G Mugabe. The party is formidable and unshaken by these threats and progressive loyal members of our party are aware of the daunting task ahead of us. Let me also reiterate that the unity of our parties continues to be fundamental in defeating the work of the enemy.”

Chombo hailed MPLA for its efforts towards transforming lives of local people in all spheres.
He said he was humbled by MPLA’s desire to pay close attention to Angola’s economic performance.

“Economically, MPLA as the ruling party has scored tremendous victories for the people in ensuring the growth and sustainability of the Angolan economy,” he said.

“Over the past decades, after the war, MPLA improved the Gross Domestic Product of the Angolan economy, a situation that has seen Angola transforming from a war torn country to a country on the path of economic development. Angola under the focused leadership of MPLA, has witnessed massive investments in infrastructure that is road network and the provision of housing to the people. This is indeed victory for the MPLA, more so for the people of Angola.”

Chombo also commended MPLA’s turn around strategies and called for joint ventures in the field of agriculture and mining between Zimbabwe and Angola.

“Zanu-PF would like to commend MPLA for putting in place policy measures to cushion the Angolan economy and maintain positive economic trajectories,” he said. “Particularly, efforts made towards the diversification of the economy focusing on agriculture, mining and beneficiation. It is heartening to note that these efforts will go a long way in improving the status of the economy to a more sustainable one in future.

“To this end, in the spirit of partnership, guided by the party to party and Government to Government Joint Cooperation Agreements, Zanu-PF welcomes the possibility of joint ventures in agriculture, and mining for the benefit of our people.”

Chombo said such synergies would allow the two countries an opportunity to share experiences in economic development.

At regional and continental level Chombo said: “MPLA and its Government continue to play an important role in maintaining peace as well as taking part in world economic development through the implementation of the Sadc Industrialisation Strategy and roadmap, Agenda 2063 and ultimately achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

“Zanu-PF shall forever cherish the role played by MPLA during the Zimbabwe liberation struggle. When Zimbabwe faced western sponsored economic and political challenges, the Angolan government through Sadc maintained its solidarity with Zimbabwe, this was victory for the people of Zimbabwe.

“Within the family of former liberation movements of Southern Africa, MPLA is an active participant. Our meetings as parties have revitalised and rejuvenated our shared Pan African spirit.”

Source – chronicle


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