“There’s no way that we can get into the mind of Beyoncé-Matthew Knowles on Beyonce being cheated on


Beyonce’s father & former manager has responded to rumours that her new album Lemonade references her marriage to husband Jay Z or himself. Responding to her emotional visual album and speculation that it sheds light on allegations Jay Z cheated on her, Mathew told SiriusXM;

“There’s no way that we can get into the mind of Beyoncé. Only Beyoncé can answer who she specifically is talking to. I’d rather not get into speculation, so my answer is I don’t know. I can only speak of being a proud father.”

When asked about his opinion on speculation by fans that the album might actually be about him, Mathew whose marriage with Beyonce’s mother ended after 31 years, said:

“I’m 64 years old, do I really care what people say about me? I know the response you want to get. You’re not going to get that response.”


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