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“They asked for $17m,I told them to pound sand” -Chris Brown’s lawyer over rape claims

Chris Brown

Chris Brown was the victim of a $17 million “shakedown” by the woman who claims she was raped at his home, his attorney charged.

Mark Geragos told TMZ that the “Forever” singer had nothing to do with the alleged attack during a party last year.

“If any of that were true, it would’ve been criminally investigated. Obviously it was and it was rejected,” said Geragos.

“The fact that they made a demand for $17 million and that I told them to go pound sand probably explains why they did the press conference [Wednesday].”

“Chris didn’t do anything and they know Chris didn’t do anything,” Geragos said. “Other than using his name so that she could have a press conference, I don’t understand why he’s dragged into anything.”

He added, “In another era, we might have called this a shakedown.”

Famed women’s rights lawyer Gloria Allred announced at a press conference Wednesday that the woman, only identified as Jane Doe, was suing Brown and his pal Lowell Grissom Jr., who she claims repeatedly raped her.

The suit accuses Brown of ordering one of his cohorts to push a couch in front of a door to a bedroom, where he and Grissom allegedly had sex with other women.

In a statement, Allred said Geragos, Brown and Grissom were no-shows at a mediation hearing, where her client was interviewed by the mediator, a retired judge, who found the woman “highly credible.”’

Allred said she’s never made any demand of money.

“Be prepared Mark. We have our evidence and all that you appear to have is a statement that you and I mediated which is completely false because I can prove that you were never even there at the mediation, that I never made a demand and that your clients were also not there,” she warned. “Good luck in court Mark. You and your clients will need it.”



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