#ThisFlag pastor Evan Mawarire breaks the silence

Organisers of #ThisFlag campaign, fronted by cleric, Evan Mawarire, say the movement should continue in spite of its leader’s absence, as this was crucial in avoiding the cult of personality, which was responsible for the mess the country finds itself in.

This comes as Mawarire travelled to the US, with others accusing the cleric of selling out and abandoning the struggle he started.

“Every citizen is equally responsible for the rise and fall of this movement,” the movement said in a statement yesterday. “We must move away from the personality cult politics of our country that have got us to a place where we look to one man to be our Messiah.”

The campaign said Mawarire had an open-ended stay in the US, although it insisted #ThisFlag will continue in his absence, as “the citizens own the movement and will decide its future”.

This comes as the campaign has moved to formalise its structures to peacefully pressure President Robert Mugabe’s administration to address the prevailing socio-economic crisis in the country. “The Zimbabwe we want is a burden that rests squarely on all our shoulders,” the statement said.

“The civic duty to hold our government to account rests on all of us and not on Pastor Evan alone. He lit the fire and we cannot heap the survival and sustenance of the movement on him and his young family. The vision of a free and prosperous Zimbabwe should drive us, whilst the values of the movement remain the glue that binds us together.”

Mugabe has threatened unspecified action against Mawarire, who turned into a hero a few months ago, following his arrest on “trumped-up charges” of insulting the Zanu-PF leader and seeking to unconstitutionally topple him.

When the courts acquitted him, Mawarire travelled to South Africa and later took his family to the US, where he is reportedly drumming up support for the movement.

The group said all its activities were being funded by Zimbabweans, both in and outside the country.
Source – newsday


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