Transgender model wants to become first Brit to be both the mum and dad of the same baby


A transgender model has launched a £100,000 public appeal to find a
surrogate mother and become the first Brit to be the mum AND dad of the
same baby.
Fay Purdham, 27, born Kevin McCamley, started her journey into becoming a woman aged 16.
She went onto spend £30,000 of her own money and 30K on the NHS for medical procedures and is now a fully-fledged woman.
But before her transformation was complete she froze some of her sperm –
and is now looking for a surrogate mum to have her baby.
She would then become the child’s adoptive mother and biological father.
Fay says she needs £100,000 to pay a surrogate to mother to help her fulfil her dream and has launched a crowd-funding campaign.

Fay, from Newcastle, said: “Even before I knew I wanted to become a woman, I wanted to be a mother.

“I have transitioned to my chosen gender, but its a huge task and cost
to do this, so I’ve set up a Go Fund Me page up to help me on my journey
to become a mother and have my dreams come true.

“It’s cost £60,000 in surgery to become a woman, half paid by the NHS,
and it’s another £100,000 to pay for a surrogate to provide me with eggs
and carry the child.”

Fay changed her name by deed pole at 19 and had her first surgery at 21,
after realising at 16 that she wanted to be a woman and discussing it
with her GP.
She says it’s been a long journey, including years of bullying, painful operations and taking hormones.

Last week she came third in the first Miss Transgender UK finals after winning the regional final three weeks ago.
Fay is also set to marry her boyfriend – who was her best mate at school when she was still a boy.
She said: ”I was tortured growing up because I was feminine.

“I was told by so many people that I was gay, I felt that it was imposed upon me. But I wasn’t, I was transgender.

“I feel like recently I really emerged from the shell I had to create my armour against the world.

“My only way of dealing with what was going on was to back away from people. But I’ve done a lot of soul searching

“I feel like I have become a kind, humble woman, which is a better
female role than a diva. You can make more of a difference when you’re
not shouting.”
Bruce Jenner’s recent transition to Caitlyn has seen the transgender
community propelled into the spotlight more than ever before.
Fay said: “I wish Caitlyn had supported the transgender community before she was brave enough to publicly come out.
“She could have used her profile as Bruce to support the cause. She
looks great, but not everyone has the money that she has to make that
“She’s only just transitioned, but people have been doing it for years.”
Fay, who lives with partner Chris Dodd, 24, says although she’s come far
since her school years she still has to fight for acceptance.

She said: “Sometimes its harder when you look more like a girl, because
you have to explain yourself to people instead of them guessing for

“I think people need to be careful with the use of the word transgender.
I didn’t go through all this to become transgender, I did it to become a

“I want to be known as a beautiful woman, not a beautiful transgender woman. “

Fay, who became a woman at 23, is already a performance artist fire-breather, who’s well known on the Ru Paul Drag Race scene.
She’s hoping to be able to work alongside being a mum as she also has her sights set on a TV presenting career.
Fay and Chris grew up together as boys, playing football and Playstation for endless hours.
Soon after they parted ways Fay, who was born Kevin, started her transition to becoming a woman by taking hormones.
They reunited at a party years later and are now planning their wedding.
Speaking earlier this year, Chris said: ”It took me some time to get my
head around the fact that she used to be my best friend Kevin but I
have never looked at her in any other way other than the fact she is a
gorgeous woman.’

Source- Mirror UK


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