Tyga still owing model $25,000 from sexual assault settlement


Tyga was spotted on Friday test driving a bright red Bugatti, a luxury

vehicle which can retail in excess of $1.5 million and his photo in the
car was posted in the media, which I guess made the woman who sued him
for sexual assault in 2011 remind him that he still owed her $25,000.
Model and video vixen Allison Brown
sued Tyga over a wild 2011 music video shoot for his single Make It
Nasty where she claimed she was plied with alcohol, forced to appear
topless on camera, and dry humped by some dude in a rabbit suit. They
settled the case out of court and Tyga promised to pay her $50,000.

Allison Brown is now alleging that the 25-year-old has failed to pay the full $50,000 that he owes her.

Brown claims she received half in
February, and has now filed documents asking judges to have Tyga pay the
other $25,000 in addition to a financial penalty.



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