Uber CE names other CEOS who supported Trump after social media backlashes


Uber CEO, Travis Kalanick, has refused to go down alone after he received backlash for supporting Donald Trump and he proceeded to expose other CEOs who also support Trump.

In an email to his staff on Saturday, Kalanick said that the company opposes the executive orders by Trump and will compensate affected employees. But he did not stop there, he went on to reveal in detail the names and companies of other CEOs who support and serve as advisers to Donald Trump.

The email read in part; “This is why I agreed in early December to join President Trump’s economic advisory group along with Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla), Mary Barra (Chairwoman/CEO of General Motors), Indra Nooyi (Chairwoman/CEO of Pepsi), Ginni Rometty (Chairwoman/CEO of IBM), Bob Iger (Chairman/CEO of Disney), Jack Welch (former Chairman of GE), and a dozen other business leaders.”

Kalanick is an advisor for Trump’s business group and on Saturday, while the Taxi Union agreed to hold a strike at the JKF airport in protest of the ban on Muslim foreigners, Uber broke the taxi strike and went on to announce on Twitter that surge pricing has been reduced, meaning their prices were made less expensive, thereby undermining the effect of the strike. This prompted a lot of anti-Trump protesters to delete the Uber app from their phones and the hashtag #DeleteUber started trending on Twitter.

Kalanick was not going to suffer the backlash alone so he snitched on other CEOs, but this did not go down well, because, rather than have the criticisms shift from him to the other exposed CEOs, he received an even greater backlash, with most referring to him as “the dude that caught cheating, so he snitched on all his boys.”


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