Uebert Angel’s Forbes Magazine article all hoax, exposes his dirty laundry instead


Reports on controversial necromancer Uebert Angel previously attributed to the famous US magazine, Forbes have opened a can of worms amid shocking revelations the original press-article published in the Daily News on the preacher’s networth, was doctored with falsehoods.

The story which claimed Angel is rich to the extent that he owns Great Hampton Limited in Birmingham, UK, is not true.

The piece narrated its claims that Angel (real surname Mudzanire, changed after he was exposed for academic fraud) ” purchased Great Hampton Limited in Britain, a company with 30 000 square feet of choice real estate as its chief asset.” It went on to say the structure, “which is close to the Birmingham University School of Law, is … valued at around $2 million…”.

But ZimEye.com descended on Birmingham to investigate these claims and discovered Angel does not and has never at any time owned Great Hampton Limited. The real proprietor at the time, Mick Knowles revealed to ZimEye.com Angel only at one time approached for information to purchase the property but was too broke to proceed.He asked to buy but on the day he was meant to sign the contract said “he did not have the money,” he said.

The Daily News report led to a ‘pool’ of human worship around the preacher with many church members releasing their money in offerings known as seeds saying this will cause his so called “prosperity anointing to be bestowed upon us.”

It turned out also that Angel has been corruptly obtaining birthday and congratulatory messages from US celebrities to try to bolster his image as a famous much sought after personality. Investigations showed that special congratulatory messages were simply paid for.

Meanwhile the Forbes magazine’s contributor Uebert Angel’s followers before claimed authored the May 2014 article, has denied ever writing the article. Mr Mfonobong Nsehe who is also a former ZimEye.com columnist, said he has no association whatsoever with the piece which was republished in the local Daily News.

Upon a search the magazine’s database demonstrated to be devoid of the article

Source -ZmEye


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