Unbelievable body transformation of bodybuilder with superhero physique

Tyler Cooke

A bodybuilder with a chiselled ‘superhero’ physique has slammed critics who claim his bulging muscles are fake.
Tyler Cooke body is award winning, bagging 2nd place in Britain’s national bodybuilding championship and a string of regional titles.

But Tyler has hit back at critics who claim his pics are photoshopped by sharing more photos and video, telling the Liverpool Echo that his body is simply down to “hard work”.

He says genetics probably have something to do with it as well, but he hasn’t missed a trip to the gym in five years.

Tyler, a coach and personal trainer from Wirral, Merseyside, said:

 “It really is just a lot of hard work – I like to bodybuild and so I do it.“Sure there is an element of genetics to it, I can’t deny that – but I have worked hard and it has paid off.”


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