What a wave did Senzo’s father created after his hilarious gesture at his son’s funeral service on Saturday!!!!!!!!


This picture of Mr Samuel Meyiwa, Senzo’s dad leaning out of the car and wave to the crowd which had come to pay their last tribute to his son did it’s enumerable rounds on social networks, especially, tweeter with people expressing different views about his action as a supposed grieved man. Some people said he was supposed to be waring a long face as a
reflection of his sorrows for the lose of his son, whilst others saying that he did it as away of pay tribute to his son who would always celebrate the same way did during matches. Some asked if he is Senzo’s real Dad.

  Look at this man in the haulage truck emulating Senzo’s Dad’s style.

It became a style for everybody. That’s how people paid tribute to Senzo, following after his Dad. Senzo was killed at his girlfriend’s house Kelly Khumalo in Johannesburg on October the 25th, 2014. He was buried on the 1st of November 2014, that’s where his Dad leaned out of the car and wave at the people who had come to bid farewell to the soccer star. Tweeter celebrated Senzo’s home going in style.
Just passing by zebra crossing.


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