“When he is not with you, he can’t breathe”- Steve Harvey to women on how to know the right man

Steve Harvey

Television host, Steve Harvey, in a new episode of his show shared with women how to know that a man is right for them.

American singer, Toni Braxton, was a guest on Steve’s show and when she asked him how a woman will know when she meets Mr Right, he gave her a short but profound answer that seems to come from experience.

“As a woman how do we know that the guy is the right guy?” Toni Braxton asked.

And Steve told her: “When he is not with you, he can’t breathe”.

He continued: “When you are away, he doesn’t do well without you. He can’t breathe. He’s not the same. He calls and checks on you. He wonders about your whereabouts, not in a controlling way, but it’s just like he just wants to be in touch.”

Watch the rest below.



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